Store Manager & Stylist

At gorjana, we act with INTENTION, exude PASSION for business and strive to be UNIQUE in all that we do. We PRESUME TRUST in each other and make the commitment to measure by the standards of FAIRNESS.

  • INTENTION (How We Act): honest, respectful, generous, thoughtful, purposeful
  • PASSION (How We Live): competitive, optimistic, motivated, selfless, problem-solver
  • UNIQUE (How We Work): innovative, efficient, adaptable, collaborative, aligned
  • PRESUME TRUST (How We Communicate): authentic, clear, transparent, proactive, receptive
  • FAIRNESS (How We Measure): equality, clear, timely, expectations, objective

We are always looking for new team members. We value adaptable self-starters with a positive attitude. 


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Store Manager


321 Grand Ave. W
Close Date
01 May, 2023